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Does your company have a company vision!                                               

Do your staff know and fully understand the company vision and their role within the company?

Together with your senior management we can look at your staff structure and the roles of your staff members and the reporting structure. We will implement a formal reporting structure and job descriptions for each member of staff.

If you don’t have a company vision we can assist in creating one and involve your senior management in the process so they are able to lead the staff effectively and understand the companies vision clearly.

Do all your staff fully understand what is required of them on a day to day basis?

We will work with your management implementing rosters, instructions and checks to ensure that the operations are carried out successfully and to the highest standard and implement safeguards to ensure that critical details are not overlooked.

The one key difference between 5 star and “great” 5 star is not so much the facilities but rather the service levels.

We offer the following staff training:

Hospitality Training

  • Floor Supervisors
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Table presentation
  • Wine etiquette
  • What the kitchen expects from front of house
  • What front of house expects from the kitchen

Pro Shop Training

  • Merchandising your Pro Shop correctly ensuring fresh displays
  • Correct folding techniques
  • Customer interaction with your staff

Housekeeping Training

  • Using the correct chemicals and products
  • Ensuring the correct safety signage is being used and all health and safety equipment is utilized
  • Standardised set up of facilities

Junior Management Training

  • Handling staff complaints and disagreements in a professional manner
  • How to take positive criticism and make it a learning step
  • Handling compliments and complaints professionally

Meet and Greet Staff

  • Ensuring all front line staff understand the importance of making the customer feel welcome, from security onwards.
We will assess your marketing platforms and campaign and see where it can be improved. If you do not have a planned marketing strategy we will develop a solution with your senior management. We will ensure that your social media platforms are correctly set up to optimize marketing of your establishment and assist in training a person to be able to efficiently run and maintain your platforms.

We work closely with a highly recommended social media marketing company, we use them often with our clients and will bring them on-board to run and maintain your social media platform for you should your current staff structure prevent this from being managed in-house.

Consistency is the key in any establishment. Together with your head chef, we will develop the most cost effective menu that suits you establishment’s image as well as implementing procedures to ensure food cost targets are maintained. Quality checks will ensure that the chefs are equipped to produce the best quality dishes. Quality checks start with receiving orders from the suppliers and carry through until the customer has that plate of food placed down in front of them. To ensure this process is successful, you need to educate your staff. It is a fact that people experience a meal with their eyes. We work with your chefs and front of house staff to understand the physiological aspect of presenting food to a diner.
We work with a highly recommended Fire and Safety and Health and Safety Company, we use them often when it comes to the supply and servicing of fire equipment as well as staff training. They will also able to come to your premises and do first aid training for your staff.
We can work with your superintendent and his staff and look at cultural practices, monthly and yearly planning and budgets, course set up as well as machinery preventative maintenance plans and rotation plans. This support can include helping to ensure that you generate the maximum value from your fleet of golf carts. We have working relationship with some of the leading golf course maintenance and supplier companies who we access for more technical inputs.
The Pro Shop is the heart of the golf club, all members and guests have to pass through and interact with your staff in the pro shop. The products that you stock and how they are displayed are vital to both customer satisfaction and revenue for your business. We are able to assist your staff with how to merchandise your pro shop effectively as well as assessing which are the best products to buy for your shop. We have built up relationships with the top brands over the years and will be able to put your pro shop in contact with them to get the best service and advice.
Are your staff documents all in place and accordance with labour laws? 
Do all your staff have legal employment contracts and individuals files? 
Are all your HR forms with regards to leave and disciplinary measures correct? 
Do you have a staff manual? 

We will ensure your HR department has all the correct forms and documents needed to ensure that you meet the labour department’s requirements and protect you in CCMA hearings. We will introduce a staff manual for all your employees so they also understand their rights and what is required of them in terms of their conduct in the workplace. 


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